Interesting Projects to Engage People in Reading Books

Follow Me to the Library

When was the last time you visited a book store or bought a book for the mere pleasure of reading it? What was the name of the last novel you read? Or the name of the author of the last best story you plunged into? Indeed, you are likely to spend more time using electronics or social media even if you do read. Isn’t it so?

How do you like the sound of exploring a new world, and discovering insights to life and the world or perhaps taking a wild adventure beyond your imagination? Well, the pleasure of reading provides exactly that and much more. People may have forgotten the wonderful experience of reading but there are few book fanatics out there, taking reading to a new level, reaching out to you in the most absurdly attention-grabbing ways possible just so that you consider reading a book again.reading books

Project inspired by the Instagram series “Follow me”
The “follow me to the library” expression is based on libraries that can be accessed by a single Daly City Public card. The idea was inspired by the famous Instagram series “Follow me” where a photographer is being led by his girlfriend to different beautiful destinations around the world. Likewise, the “follow me to the library” project also portrays a member leading someone to a library that can be accessed by the same card. In a deeper level, the artist creates awareness as well as promotes the library card.

Free Books Library in a Tank
This is a very interesting notion expressed by a curious artist in which he fills a tank like machine with books. He wants to emphasis the positive effect of books by basing on the extent of impact the tanks had on human lives in the past. The artist casually drives around the street and offers book to passersby for free.

Hot Dudes Reading
This idea was first initiated when someone noticed how a man’s external look is intensified when he starts reading a book. This is not a childish attempt to show a temporary infatuation with a stranger but rather to let others know that intellect is more attractive than handsome features.

Books Calling
A 21 year old book worm called Jakub Pavlovsky took an initiative on reaching into the heart of reading. He based his project on making time for reading and called it “Book Calling” His pictures have an aesthetic appeal where he is lost in reading in an area where the environment seems to pivot around his pose.

Stories in the Sky
This project is very thought-provoking and powerfully influencing. On the occasion of the International Book day kites are used to encourage the knowledge of kids from the underprivileged communities in Santa Marta Community in Rio Je Janeiro. The NGO Pro-Livro carries out this breathtaking campaign by flying 500 kites in the sky. The kites are printed with tales from famous Brazilian writers and when the kites fall during the traditional kite fight, a kid catches it to read the tale and pass it along to the other kids!

The people behind these projects have gone out of their ways to send a message. “Read. Reading is a beautiful experience. It is a pathway to experiencing a meaningful life.”

Don’t you want a meaningful life?
We know we do. So, we are going to the library to pick up a book to read.
The question is, will you follow us to the library?

What Is a Hook Sentence?

I don’t have a hook problem, aside from the sick pleasure I glean from mangling popular song lyrics to suit my purpose, nor does Jay Z, if all those platinum albums are to be believed.

But if you’re reading this, there’s a good chance you are struggling to write a hook sentence. Luckily, I’m here to help you solve your problem.

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves, though. First of all, what is a hook sentence, and why does a good hook sentence matter so much?

A hook sentence is a meaty opening line (or two) that grabs your reader’s attention and makes the rest of your essay (or article or letter or any piece of writing) irresistible.

Let’s try a thought experiment: Pretend you’re introducing a friend to your favorite restaurant. Now imagine that the cool fountain out front is gone, all the decor has been stripped from the interior, and there are no enticing smells to greet you at the front door.

The experience of eating there is totally different — and I dare say a little boring — when there’s nothing appealing about the first impression, right? Your friend would probably be baffled by the appeal and may not even want to sit down, even if the grub itself is fantastic.

An essay without a good hook sentence, no matter how well-written, is kind of like that drab restaurant. No matter how good the rest of the essay is, it’s essential that the first line whets the reader’s appetite.

So to help you understand what a hook sentence is and how to write one, I’ve created an infographic that is all about hook sentences. This handy guide includes loads of helpful information:

Questions to help you identify your audience. Do they have to read your writing, or do you have to work extra-hard to convince them to read it?

Questions about your purpose for writing. Are you trying to inform, motivate, or entertain your reader?

Hook writing tips and approaches. This includes several hook writing strategies, so you can pick the right one to suit your audience and purpose.

Hook sentence examples. Each type of hook sentence is accompanied by an example so that you can see how these sentences might look at the beginning of a real-life essay.

So without further ado, check out the “What Is a Hook Sentence?” infographic, and be sure to read How to Write Good Hook Sentences for additional guidance.